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Invest Expert Istanbul is a company which based on Trust. We make feasibility for our customer’s INVEST in ISTANBUL & TURKEY. Then we give our advice for right investment instrument to our customers. We do not charge any commision from our customers. Our main target is to earn the future…

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Batmobile at the center of the World “ISTANBUL” !

Who we are?

First of all ,we would like to introduce our company’s field of activity. Our company is not only a real estate firm. We are consulting about real estate and investment instruments in Turkey. If you have any project, business or real estate to invest in Turkey , we work on it for assessment . We give you valuation report and also prediction about your investment instrument.

There are two different ways to work with us. First way ; You ask us about your investment instrument which you want to invest. Then we work on the subject and you get reports from us which based on real values. Second way ; You want to make an investment in Turkey but you don’t know what to invest. We do give offers as advice and manage for your invest. This advice is report of assessment for the invests which is suitable for your budget. More About us