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• Can foreigners buy properties in Turkey?
• Do foreigners need to visit Istanbul to buy a property or the procedure can be done digitally?
• Which family members of the owner are eligible to access the benefits of the residency?
• What is an average time of receiving the title deed?
• Is there a way to issue a title deed with a partner’s name?
• What are the payment terms to buy the property in Istanbul?
• What is the pay capital gain tax when selling property in Istanbul?
• What is a Private Equity Company and how it is different from a Real Estate Agency?
• Are the apartments furnished?
• Being a foreigner, what is the procedure of getting a tax number in Turkey?
• What is the amount of the general maintenance fees to be paid when buying an apartment in Istanbul?
• What is the benefit of making an investment in real estate in Istanbul?

• What is the procedure for a foreigner buying flat in Istanbul?
• How can foreigners get residency permit after buying a property?
• What is the procedure of buying properties in Turkey?
• How to get long-term residency permit and full citizenship for Turkey?
• Are foreigners eligible to open a bank account? What is the procedure for opening the account?
• Do the taxes need to be paid when buying a home in Istanbul?
• Are there any maintenance fees to be paid by the owner when renting the apartment?
• Which type of property is good for the investment?
• Are there any possibilities for foreigners to use a Mortgage loan from any bank?
• Are there any other expenses included in the purchasing of the property in Istanbul?
• What does the Free Hold Title Deed mean?
• What is the minimum amount of investing to get a residence?

Does Turkish Government allow Foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey?

Under the new regulation made in the year 2012, Turkish Government has now allowed foreigners to buy flats and apartments.

What is the procedure of buying property in Turkey?

You can access the detailed information about this question in our website. please click here.

Which steps need to be taken by a foreigner seeking to buy a property in Turkey?

The standard procedure of buying the property remains the same and even if you are a foreigner, you need to follow the same steps that a Turkish citizen follows. After you have decided the property you want to buy, you have to sign the contract and then complete the payment procedure. Once the things get over, the title deed will be prepared for you.

How long will it take to transfer the title deed to your name?

The average time to transfer the deed takes 2 to 4 days including all the legal checks of your military service.

Do I need to come to Istanbul for completing the procedure or can I complete it online?

You don’t need to come to the Istanbul in order to complete the procedure. We at Istanbul Investments with our huge team help you to complete the entire procedure through online by asking you the information that is needed for the procedure. Our staffs provide you the details information about the apartment you have decided to buy. You can pay a refundable deposit to reserve the flat or can at once pay the full payment. In both the ways, our team will help you throughout.

What is the benefit of purchasing property in Istanbul?

purchasing properties in Istanbul comes with many benefits. In Istanbul, the real estate market is on peak and the profit is increasing every day. It also gives you the chance to live in Istanbul which may result into long-term residency.

What is the procedure for applying for the residency permit? Is purchasing a home in Turkey makes the procedure of residency application easier?

Foreigners are allowed to purchase property in Turkey with the new regulation introduced in the law. By purchasing flat and receiving the title deed, foreigners can apply for the residency permit. And yes, purchasing a real estate will make the entire residency permission procedure makes easier.

. Can foreigners apply for the citizenship and long-term residency permit?

Turkey too has with some rules, procedures, and regulations for foreigners applying for the long term visa full citizenship and residency permit. Consulting with a lawyer or agency will be better for you as this will save enough time. click here.

Will the family of the property owner enjoy the beneficiaries?

Once you have received the title deed, you can apply for the permit residency. The permission will make your wife and children above 18 eligible to access the beneficiaries.

Can I share my name with someone else in the title need?

Yes, you can share your naming rights on the title need with the partner name and every partner is the right owner of the title deed.

Are foreigners allowed opening the bank account in Turkey and what is the use of opening a bank account?

Yes, foreigners can open a bank account in Turkey. Few banks have special rules for particular citizenship. You can open the bank account by presenting your passport and the tax number that has been provided by the Turkey Tax office that displays the address in your own country.

Can foreigner apply for the mortgage bank loan?

Generally, foreigners are not allowed for the Mortgage loan and this is because they lack the Turkish credibility. But, a few bank can provide the loan and that are Odea Bank, Deniz Bank, and Kuveyt Turk Bank. We, Istanbul Investments help our clients to invest in the properties with getting a loan in their bank accounts.

What type of payment terms come across when buying a property in Istanbul?

Generally, you have to pay in cash when done with the property project. In case, if you are not familiar with payments procedure and the plans to pay it then our Istanbul Investments expert will help you deciding the plans that available for you considering the SUKUK system.

As a foreigner, how do I get a tax number?

tax number is provided by the Tax office. You need to get your passport translation done and then have to get it approved by a notary and have to submit it to the tax office. However, Our Istanbul Investments will help you with the procedure.

Is there any tax that needs to be paid by foreigners?

Yes, there is tax amounts that need to be paid. You can get the entire information about this context in our website..

Are any extra costs that needs to be paid for purchasing property in Istanbul?

Yes, there are some extra costs that need to be paid like residence utilities and stamp tax.

Do I need to pay capital gain tax when selling my flat?

If you are selling your flat within the five years of purchase then you have to pay the capital gain tax, but if you are doing it after 5 years of the purchase then you free yourself from paying any taxes.

What is the general Maintenance Fee?

The maintenance fees vary depending on the size of the project. Approximately, it would $1- $3 per meter for each month. The luxurious the apartment is, the higher the rate.

. Do I have to pay the maintenance fees if I am renting a house?

As per the rule, the maintenance fees should be paid by the owner. If you are renting an apartment, you have to pay the fees as long as you have rented the apartment.

What is the free Hold Title Deed?

A free Hold Title Deed is a legal document that proves your full ownership of the property. The owner of the property has the full right to sell or transfer the property to another person following the legal ways. However, the free hold ownership is limited in few countries by the Government. As per the property law, in a real estate the free-hold ownership gets the highest interest rate that is possible.

What is the role of the Private Equity Company and how does it differ from the Real Estate agency?

A Private Equity Company helps the customers to invest on the right property and the consultants of the company provide their expertise on investing on the real estate property. On the other hand, real estate agencies are just interested in selling or renting the property. A Private Equity Company helps investors to get the maximum profit from their purchase and help the market to maintain a capital with a good cash flow.

Which part of Istanbul is worth investing? European or Asian?

As Istanbul falls in both the continents, European and Asia, the opportunities are better in making investments in European side.

How must does it cost to purchase a property in Istanbul? If I would like to buy 2 to 3 bedrooms in European side.

The price for the property varies as per the location and other factors. Our Istanbul Investments consultants are ready to guide you the best way of making your investments, please contact our consultants.

Why to invest in Istanbul?

There are multiple of benefits that are associated with investing in Istanbul

1. Rising economy
2. Successful economy
3. Growing young population
4. Competitive and qualified Turkish labor force
5. Liberal and reforming investment area
6. Well-established infrastructure
7. Low taxes benefits
8. Custom union member
9.Large domestic market

Which type of properties is good for investing?

2 bedrooms models are good for funding as it is in high demand by the couples recently married and people looking for small households.

What is the minimal quantity that can be earned by making investments with the view of applying for residency?

There is no such minimal quantity. You can make funding on any sort of the properties with the help of Istanbul Investments.

Can I get furnishing along with the house?

In Turkey, the properties vary and you may get a house with or without furnishing.

How must does it cost to buy furniture for the home?

Well, it depends on the person’s taste and needs.