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esenyurt, Esenyurt,
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You will find more than a residence

Everyone has a different understanding of living. Some wants solitude, some wants a family life, some wants to work at home, some wants a good teamplay in a large office… In inex 3415 Europe, everyone will find whatever they wish. From 1+1 to 3+1, here you will find much more than a standard residence life.

You are in the right place for a more profitable investment

Located in a very advantageous place for investors, inex 3415 Europe is only 15 minutes from Beylikdüzü Metrobus station. Being close to malls, hospitals, schools and such important areas, to TEM highway and Bakırköy – Beylikdüzü / Esenyurt Subway Line makes it easier to be chosen among other projects.

You are in a more nature-friendly life

A right architecture should be able to create the same bond with nature and people. After all, people feels peaceful as long as they are closer to nature. Therefore we have carried the green to each corner of inex 3415 Europe in order to keep you closer to nature, both inside and outside.

You are in the center of the life

inex 3415 Europe is designed in order to render your life easier both inside and outside your home. If you are also thinking of being a resident of inex 3415 Europe, you will also enjoy the privilege of being closer to a mall, a school or a classroom besides the ones your home presents to you.

You can now reach your needs easier

Time is precious in city life. With hairdressers, markets and shops, you can reach everything you need in inex 3415 Europe without losing
any time. There fore you can spare more time for anything you want to do in daytime.

You are closer to social life

Step out of home and you are in the social life. Whether you drink a coffee with your beloved in inex 3415 Europe’s large terrace cafe-restaurant or lie down on grass to read your book, it’s all up to you now to live your life.

You can enjoy freedom in a larger area

inex 3415 Europe was not designed only for letting you live the comfort at home. It was also designed for you to feel the comfort at every corner of the project. You can use specially designed common areas, or watch the gardens or walking and resting areas whenever you want to get some fresh air with your family and children.

You are ready for a more active life

Would you imagine that you will just take an elevator to gym and will be able to do sports with a sight of swimming pool? Or being able to use your pool both in summer and
winter? We did it. In inex 3415 Europe, many privileges from sauna to Turkish Bathhouse are with you.

Now you can describe residence in a different way

A residence must always make you feel privileged and special. Just like inex 3415 Europe does. From reception service to concierge service, now you have all privileges that you would have in a 5-star hotel comfort in your home.

Reach your home easier

inex 3415 Europe Residence is located in Esenyurt, the rapidly developing center of modern life with large parks, brand new roads, crossroads and environmental arrangements. On a point for reaching E-5 and TEM easily, inex 3415 Europe also presents you a comfortable chance of transportation with many bus lines and metrobus stations quite close to the project place. Adjacency for the subway station of Mahmutbey-Esenyurt which will be opened soon also renders inex 3415 Europe more attractive.


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