Turkish Residency Process

The General Directorate of Migration Management (GDMM) has officially started activities in Turkey since 14th of April 2014.

The GDMM has been guarding all aspects of migration controls varying from asylum, visa policy, resident permits, and illegal migration since April 2014. However, they do not cover processes at passport control points neither the physical border line, these operations remain with the Turkish Police Department and Turkish Military separately.

In an appropriate time, the Law of Foreigners provides a stable set of regulations for migration management in Turkey. It should end the system of local control over resident permit fees and durations that often changed between province, city or even town.

On the other hand, GDMM offices are not completely established yet so foreign investors should continue to apply for and renew their residency applications through the current Turkish National Police Department (TNP) Foreigners Offices.

Important Info

The conference held by the General Directorate of Migration Management (GDMM) does not include any specific details regarding the new application processes for residency permits of the foreigners. The focus was set on the GDMM’s structure, policies and questions on such details were unanswered by their officials. The most important reason is that they cannot speak English so foreign investors need a professional solicitor for quick solutions or any third party that speaks both languages.

On the other hand, until the full network of GDMM offices will be opened any time now, a transition period willfollow. During this time, all applications will be taken by the local Foreigner’s Departments of the Turkish National Police Department (as stated before) and will be sent to Ankara for legal processing. First time applicants for residency permits will be able to submit their applications in Turkey during this period.

We are aware of the reports which state that some of Foreigner’s Departments have been refusing to accept applications whilst they await further instruction from the GDMM in Ankara. However, we have been informed by the GDMM that applications are now being accepted at all TNP foreigners department offices in Turkey.

First time residency applications are being accepted in Turkey. All first time applicants willing to apply for a Turkish Residency Permit need to apply to the Turkish Consulate in their own country.

Related Issues

• Applying for a Turkish residency permit

First off all you will have to go to your local Foreigners Department, at your local police station. There you will have to complete an application form and take it to your local “Nufus” office to be officially stamped by them.

Further you will also need a Ikamet Tezkeresi form. Please Visit

Fill in the form and print 1 colored copy to hand in. The form is available in both Turkish and English.

• The duration of the process

Applications are being finalised within 90 days at the latest.

• Applying to residency permit process

1. Valid health insurance (which will cover the duration of your Residency permit – Over 65’s are exempt)
2. A Notorised translated version of your original passport
3. A Criminal Report Form is also required.

(2)+(3) some Turkish National Police (TNP) foreigners offices are currently requesting this information

• Existing Requirements

• A valid passport with photocopies of the last entry stamp and details page
• Five recent passport-sized photographs
• A valid Turkish visa (ex, a holiday visa)
• Proof of adress* (If renting – a copy of signed contract -This copy needs to be notarized)
• Property Title Deeds or Rental Agreement
• Bank statement from a Turkish bank proving you are in good financial standing (this varies from place to place. The general rule is that you must have 850 TL (minimum) for each month you intend to register in Turkey.
• A folder which holds all documents, (one which can easily view pages)
• Tax Number

If you are applying for a residency permit for the first time, you must pay an administration fee for your residency book. You will need to pay an administration fee of 50 TL for your residency card. The fee for your permit term will be paid directly to your local tax office. (you will need your tax number in order to pay this) Children’s residency permits are half the cost of an adult permit.

Please show your payment receipt to your local Police Foreigners Department when handing in your residency permit application.

• Renewing your Residency Permit

Renewals can always be done in Turkey. As of the 10th of April 2014, you can no longer apply for a 3 or 5 year residency permit.

The processing of Residency Permits is changing and will no longer be under the responsibility of the Police Foreigners Department. This process will pass to the Interior Ministry’s General Directorate of Migration Office. You are able to renew your residence permit up to 60 days before the expiry date.

• Changing your address on your residency permit

First you will have to visit your local Civil Registry Office (Nüfus Müdürlüğü) and provide them with the following documentation:

– Tapu (Title Deed) or Rental Agreement
– Residence Book / Card

They will fill in your specific details onto their online system and then your new address will be officially registered.

You will be given a form showing your new address details. This form needs to be stamped at the Nüfus Office.

You are then required to hand in the stamped version of your address form to your local Foreigners Department, at your local police station.

You need to change your address details within 48 hours otherwise you will risk a fine.

There is no charge required for changing your address.

Applicants applying for an 8 year Residency Permit (Application can be made in Turkey)

As of the 10th of April 2014, those who have resided in Turkey with a residence permit uninterruptedly for at least eight years will be granted a permanent residence permit.

If you stay outside of Turkey for a period of more than 6 months within 1 year or more within the last 5 years. This will be classed as ‘interruptions’ and will not be counted towards your 8-year residency permit. Also any residency previously acquired before the interruptions will not be counted.

Conditions for an 8 year residence permit

• You should have resided in Turkey (with a residence permit) uninterruptedly for at least eight years.
• You should not have benefited from any kind of social assistance from the State for the past three years.
• You should possess sufficient and regular resources to maintain himself/herself.
• You should have valid medical insurance.
• You should not constitute a threat to public order and or security.

Successful applicants who are granted a long term residency permit will benefit from the same rights as a Turkish citizens with the exception of provisions in special legislation as well as the rights regarding:

You will be Exempt from:

a) Compulsory military service
b) The right to elect and be elected,
c) Employment in public institutions*, (*As of now this act is applicable to all employment – Long term residency does not include working rights)
d) Exemption from taxes in importing vehicles

Your long term residency permit may be cancelled if you stay outside of Turkey uninterruptedly for more than 12 months with the exception of health and education.

All of the above information is correct as of now, however, is subject to change. Any new changes brought to our attention will be published on this website as soon as possible.

Foreigners that apply for a residency permit shall be required to hold a passport or a travel document which is valid for at least sixty days beyond the duration of the requested residency permit. Residency permits shall be issued separately for every foreigner depending on the reason of the stay, for a period sixty days shorter than the validity period of the passport or travel document.

On the other hand, if you are 65 years old or more, you don’t need a health insurance for the Short Term Turkish Residence Permit.

With the new law into force since April 2014 obtaining a Turkish residence permit requires proof of health insurance covering inpatient and outpatient treatments.